The Denver CrOQuet Club

In 1985, six-wicket croquet came to Denver via the Park Hill Croquet Club. Once Washington Park formed a Lawn Bowling, an area devoted to the game of croquet and a partneship to last decades formed.

Golf croquet

The club hosts tournaments at various levels but mainly focuses on the rules of Golf Croquet.

Family Friendly

Looking for something the whole family can play together? Croquet is a game that requires no wifi connection or electricity.

free lessons

Every membership comes with their own perks. One of the biggest for the Denver Croquet Club are the free lessons.

Months of lawntime

&Colorado weather allows months of time for croquet throughout the year. Check the weather & play nearly all year.

the club

The Denver Croquet Club is open to any interested person regardless of age or skill. Many members have joined for the fun that croquet provides.

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club playing at night

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3060 S Marion St Englewood, CO 80113-1771

Let’s Keep the Balls Rolling Together

With the weather we have here in Colorado, there are many seasons ahead of us and we look forward to seeing everyone safely on the lawn.