Denver Croquet Club COVID-19 Policy

The below policy is current as of November 15th, 2020

The Denver Croquet Club has been working diligently to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic and align the operations of the Croquet Lawn in Washington Park with the recommendations of the public health orders that have been issued. We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of both the public and our croquet players.

The Denver Croquet Club will adhere to all laws, executive orders, rules and regulations
of the State of Colorado, the City of Denver and the Denver Parks and Rec Department. In order to remain open, all croquet players, their guests, and any spectators inside the fenced area must obey the following rules designed for everyone’s protection.

As the Lawn is currently limited to no more than 5 players at a time, please consider reserving a time to play on the Lawn if you are a current club member.

PLEASE stay home if you are feeling sick or awaiting test results, and stay home until you are healthy! No one who been exposed to, diagnosed with, or suspected of having COVID-19 should come to the Lawn until 14 days from exposure or diagnosis has passed.

Coming to the Lawn

  • As of October 16th, 2020, to comply with the newest City of Denver Public Health Order, no more than 5 people may be within the fenced area of the lawn at one time.
  • Masks MUST be worn and 6 foot social distancing MUST be observed.
  • As the Lawn is currently limited to no more than 5 players at a time, please consider reserving a time to play on the Lawn if you are a current club member. Please check the calendar before heading off to the Lawn to be sure that no-one else has booked the time. Walk-ups are welcome, but reservations take precedence.
  • No player or spectator may be inside the fenced area without first signing the most current Denver Croquet Club COVID-19 Policy Agreement/Waiver.
  • All players and spectators MUST sign-in upon arrival (each time!) so your presence can be recorded to support local public health contact tracing efforts if exposures occur.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer, pen, mask, disposable gloves, and any other personal protective equipment you feel necessary. Bring your own pre-filled water bottles.
  • Trash cans have been removed. Please remove all of your own trash when you leave.
  • By being within the fence you agree to abide by this policy and that you waive and indemnify the Denver Croquet Club and its officers from any liability related to COVID-19 (See Waiver below).

Lawn Setup and Teardown

  • Use hand sanitizer before and after handling any Club equipment or locks.
  • Wear disposable gloves when accessing the storage locker and removing equipment including wickets, balls, posts, etc. This applies to club mallets, the boundary line winder, electric drill, and flags, if used Disposable gloves must be worn when setting up and taking down the court.

Physical Distancing

  • NO MORE than 5 people are allowed inside the fenced area at any time.
  • Everyone MUST maintain physical distancing of at least 6’ (more than this is better) from anyone else inside the fenced area, except between members of the same household, at all times
  • Masks MUST be worn inside the fenced area (a covering over your mouth AND nose).
  • Members wearing masks are welcome to social distance outside the fence while waiting for space on the Lawn.


  • Players using Club mallets MUST sanitize the mallet handle before and after use.
  • DO NOT share or touch anyone else’s equipment (mallet, clips) or the wickets, post, etc.
  • Hands should be washed or sanitized before and after they come in contact with any shared surface or club equipment.
  • Players may want to disinfect their ‘striker’ ball. Players should avoid handling balls whenever possible. Bring balls inbound and move balls into place with your feet. If other balls, hoops, or stakes must be touched, sanitize your hands prior to the resumption of play.

If you are not sick, are symptom-free and feel safe to play croquet, please come enjoy a game at the Denver Croquet Club in Washington Park.

The croquet lawn can remain open if everyone obeys all safety and physical distancing requirements. We are all in this together. Thank you in advance for respecting each other by adhering to all physical distancing protocols.

Players must follow all of these COVID-19 Policy rules or they will have to leave the croquet lawn.

Denver Croquet Club COVID-19 Policy Agreement/Waiver

All Club Members, Guest Players, Guests, and Spectators, upon entering the fenced area of the Denver Croquet Club in Washington Park to play, practice, or watch croquet agree to: (1) Follow all applicable rules and protocols regarding the Club, use of Club equipment and use of the Lawn, including the Denver Croquet Club’s COVID-19 Policy, (2) Waive any and all claims of liabilities against the Denver Croquet Club, its Board of Directors, or contractors relating in any way to the COVID-19 virus or any precautions taken, or failed to be taken, in connection therewith,  (3) Indemnify the aforementioned parties related to my acquisition of the virus and its spread.