How To Play


Team 1 plays Blue and Black 

Team 2 plays Red and Yellow 

  1. One shot per turn, starting with the blue ball, then red, black, yellow (this sequence is painted on the center peg)
  2. Mallet must swing between your feet
  3. An out of bounds ball re-enters on the line where it left the court
  4. First 6 points play through wickets 1-6 clockwise (left diagram). Last seven points play counter clockwise (right diagram).
  5. Wickets can’t be scored going through the wrong direction
  6. First ball through a wicket scores that point: once a wicket is scored all play to the next wicket from your current position
  7. You cannot go more than halfway to the next wicket, until the current wicket is scored
  8. If a player’s ball is beyond halfway (by their own play) without hitting another ball when the wicket is scored, that ball starts at one of the two penalty areas chosen by the opposing team (on the line at the east or west label on the diagrams above.
  9. Winning team is the first to score 7 points.

* Diagrams originally from United States Croquet Association

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