The Denver Croquet Club plays and provides instruction for ALL interested in Croquet. The club has new players starting each week and lessons for beginners are FREE.

The Early Days

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The History & Early Days of Croquet in Denver

In 1985, six-wicket croquet came to Denver with the vision of Sparky O’Dea who formed the “Park Hill Croquet Club.” They played in Denver’s City Park on the most level turf they could find until they moved to the grassy center of the big flower garden in Washington Park. While playing in Wash Park, they discovered the fenced Lawn Bowling Green, which was established in 1924. They knew that the New York Croquet Club shared greens with lawn bowlers in Manhattan’s Central Park and thought it would be great to do the same in Denver.

Croquet players, John O’Dea, Sr., Charles Berberich, and Ed Merrill met with the City and pointed out that (in 1985), Denver had 163 tennis courts, 131 soccer fields, 46 football fields, 125 playgrounds, 24 recreation centers, 122 softball courts, 12 senior centers, open spaces for volleyball, one lawn bowling green, and not a single croquet court. The City responded favorably to the request that the Croquet Players be able to share the Green with the Washington Park Lawn Bowling Club.

Board of Directors

The People Behind the Scene Keeping The Ball Rolling

James Creasey


I played my first game in a very hilly backyard in Evergreen. I knew then I had to play more and found myself standing outside the fence at The Lawn in Wash Park. “Come on in,” said Ron Eccles. I found new friends and a new game. With help from Ron, Judy Mackeon, and Charles Berberich, I founded Jiminy Wicket to play croquet with people living with Alzheimer’s disease and later, in 2022, I expanded to create a program for students involved in Special Olympics.


Scott Fuog


I love to play golf. But. . . croquet is cheaper, easier, takes less time and is far more social. I’m hooked!


Karen Bedard


This past winter, I played tabletop croquet at Union Station. It was so much fun! My husband and I signed up then and there for the Family Membership to the Denver Croquet Club. We love the both the social and competitive nature of the game.


Don oswald


Our intro to croquet was at a backyard summer party in Cherry Creek. My daughter and I have been playing ever since.



Member at Large


Rebekah Robinson

Past President

I started out as a backyard croquet player. My friends knew if they come to my house in the summer croquet was part of it. I met James at a Halloween Party. He was dressed as the Mad Hatter and the very next day, I joined the Denver Croquet Club. I’ve been playing ever since. I’m a Denver native, realtor, and artist.


Kenny Troutman

Chairman of the Green

I’m a professional agronomist and love to contribute to taking care of the Lawn for the Denver Croquet Club. It is certainly a very unique and beautiful setting for a summer’s evening.

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